To be Truly Known you need to put your "Cards on the table"

A tool for men's groups 
Get everything you need to create an environment for men to interact with TRUTH and one another:
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What's Included...

As a subscriber, you will have access to a library of content that will provide everything you need to facilitate a group discussion for men unlike anything you've experienced before!

Audio Files

Each topic comes with a 10-15 minute audio "setup" that you can use for your group.

Printable Cards

A PDF file of the corresponding index card; which contains the Truth, the Lie, and discussion questions.  Simply print these out for the number of men in your group.

Facilitator Resources

Weather you're a seasoned group leader, or just want to speak truth with other guys, we have everything you need to create a successful group.

"What I found with these men is what I believe all men eventually realize they need. I found a group that acknowledges the lies of the enemy, spoke the truth in love, and gave me a table with other men to hash out my life week by week."

Suwanee, GA

"Being part of a “Truly Known” community came at just the right time for me. I was breezing along as a husband, dad, and minister. Just a few months later, things started changing rapidly in my life, particularly with my ministry position. Having strong, Godly relationships with men outside my own congregation provided an anchor and refuge that I desperately needed to weather the storms that were coming. I’m so thankful that God provided these men and the time we spend together in His Word! I highly recommend this model and all of these resources. I’m living proof that God works through this ministry in powerful ways."

Matt Elliot
Atlanta, GA

"It was meeting and discussing the lies the world tells us, and then contrasting those lies with the truth of scripture, that made life meaningful to me. That reality happens when men spend time with other Godly men who have confronted the many challenges of life... These Fridays over the last six years have absolutely changed my life and continue to do so every week. "

Paul McFall
Gwinnett, GA

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What's the big "deal"?

We believe that when you lovingly force men to interact with Truth, and with one another, men are changed.  Sometimes the change is very apparent, and sometimes the change is subtle and unnoticed. Truth is the only thing that changes.  Most importantly, Truth is the Person of Jesus.

Thousands of men have encountered this reliable method of experiencing God’s Truth.  Men are drawn to it because there’s no homework and it is 100% application of Truth…given the Truth and Lie format. It works!

So, now we are converting some of this spirit-led content into something very easy and accessible. We invite you to participate with us virtually by using CARDS ON THE TABLE.

Subscribe to our existing and growing library of episodes for $8.95/month, and receive relevant topics that men deal with everyday.

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