TrulyKnown.org was created for men, by men, and our goal is simple- to help men discover God's truth, experience community, and learn how to be the men God designed us to be. 


Some of what you'll find on the site:

  • "Man Tools"- resources to help men in all the major areas of life

  • The "Cards on the Table" Podcast- listen to other men put their cards on the table about relevant topics

  • The "Cards on the Table" Small Group Tool- a turnkey solution for easy, but powerful conversation with other men


Bottom line... too many men live a life of being around people, but actually feeling alone. Click here to read an article that perfectly illustrates why we believe you need to be Truly Known



Step #1 Check out a free episode of our small group tool

Easy and powerfull!

Get everything you need to create an environment for men to interact with TRUTH and one another

Step #2 Check out our podcast

Cards on the Table- the Podcast

Authentic. Christian. "Man" Talk

Step # 3 Explore some "Man Tools"

Man Tools

Explore some of the tools we've found that help men in all the major areas of life

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